• Anna

Winter Solstice (Blogmas Day 21)

Anna started off her 21st day of Blogmas with a bit of writers block, so I thought I'd start it off to get the ball rolling.

I looked outside through sheets of rain today at around 4:15pm and was startled at how dark it was, I mean really dark. Then it dawned on me - Winter Solstice. This seasonal phenomenon really impacts me personally and I am acutely aware of this day year round. I think about all the time. In mid-july when everyone else is enjoying the weather, I am already bumming about the 1.6 minute countdown of less light each day. Thankfully today begins my count-up of 1.6 minutes of more light every day, to run longer, bike longer and to talk outside on the deck longer with Anna & the boys. So I was surprised when Winter Solstice snuck up on me this year, but really not surprised, as everything seems to have been sneaking up on me this year. I still chuckle about this year feeling like it only had Marches...


Easter March

Firework March

Hot March

Smokey March

Pumpkin March

Turkey March

and now Winter March

...yes that about sums up my 2020

But just like this day marks a turn into more actual daylight, maybe, hopefully it is also marking a turn into just plain old brighter days for all of us in 2021.

Oh and we got snow today! Fingers crossed for some cross-country skiing this week!

Happy Blogmas!

- Rich