• Anna

Whistler {Wintery Wanderlust}

My complete tribe of merry men and I celebrated the coming of the new year in Whistler! Rich booked it a couple months ago, put everything in place and said "okay! Here we go!" It was such an action-packed trip, despite Max having the flu and there being very little snow for skiing. We were worried on our way up that there wouldn't be enough snow for quality cross-country and for Richie to take his ski lessons, but it ended up absolutely dumping fresh powpow snow on us all day on the first day that we were there.

If you're not a downhill-kinda-pal but you like to get out there and tromp, we found the Olympic Park where they hosted the Olympic biathlon, ski jump, skeleton, to be an entire day's worth of fun. We spent the majority of the day there, but know to quit while everybody is still having fun. We surprisingly also made it to midnight on New Years Eve and watched snowboarders and skiers compete while jumping through a fiery hoop. This happened, but I didn't take any photos so you'll just have to trust me.

Here's our photo reel of the few photos I took during the trip!