• Anna

Welcome To My French Patisserie (Blogmas Day 23)

I learned a lot about French macarons today. Here are the do's and don't of these delicate little bites of heaven, if you will.

DO go in to the process ambitious, and with a lot of time, and bowls... really bowls and time is what you need since your ambition will fade.

DO put your patience hat on tight because these suckers take quite a bit of time. Whisking the egg whites and sugar (castor sugar specifically... which is shockingly hard to find at qfc. Its specific for meringues, macarons, marscapones and anything delightful starting with M.)

DO scare yourself by doing the egg-whites over head test. Apparently if your egg whites are stiff enough you should be able to hold the bowl upside down over your head. I did this, fully prepared for it to come plopping down on my head. Spoiler alert: it didn't.

DON'T let the recipe for these little cookies intimidate you.

After being intimidated by the recipe for 4 days (since my originalally planned cookies extravaganza) I finally got brave enough to give it a go. I went a bit ambitious with the flavorings, but also lazy with the filling. My first batch was almond cookie with raspberry jam filling. Really nothing special about the filling - I didn't want to make a mixture for the filling in case the cookies didn't turn out well ( just dippin 'my toes in the water)... I also went with just a half batch because I didn't want to fully commit to the recipe before sampling it.

I wish I had trusted myself a bit more because these turned out SO good!

It was a small batch, the cookies were pretty big and between three boys in the house, they are all gone :)

My next batch was a total failure. I attempted mint flavored cookies with a white chocolate cream filling. Which brings me to my next rule of thumb.

DON'T forget to slap the pan down after the batter has been placed. You are supposed to slap the pan down hard on the counter, turn it 180 degrees and slap it down again. This gets all the air bubbles to either pop, or rise to the top for you to manually pop with a tooth pick.

In this batch I completely forgot to do this very, very important step, making my cookies look super silly, with a hard shell balloon top, with a gummy yucky base.

Blegh... ( but peep those perfect ones in the back!) Because my first batch went so well I decided to give it a third try. I really wanted to try vanilla cookies with a nutella fluff frosting in the middle. Which brings me to the most perfect cookie I have ever made in my entire life:

I cracked the code... I figured out this special little cookie and now my ambitions are super duper high for creating all sorts of flavors. This brings me to my last lessons:

DO enjoy the process of learning something new.


DON'T try to eat all of the cookies in one sitting.

Happy Blogmas!