• Anna

Waterfalls & Lasagna

Legend has it, that the word waterfall is actually an ancient description invented by Natives from the ancient tribes of London, to describe the phenomenon of when enough water gathers above any object and then falls over it. Or something.

While the 1994 TLC song, "Waterfalls" strongly urges don't don't go chasin' them, we couldn't help but be rebellious and head into the rainy forrest on a grand waterfall tour. This tour was bravely led by yours truly, Richard Glidden.

There are miles of trails that intertwine on our closest mountain, Cougar mountain - and if you are savvy enough you can weave them together to create a tour of falling water.

Some are pretty, others... unimpressive, but they count in the ancient falling-water category mentioned above nonetheless.

When we first stared the tour, Anna already had her camera out and was clicking away at this neat feature, saying "ooooh look! A cave!!!" This is when I promptly reminded her that this is the waterfalll tour, and if she wanted a cave tour she could sign up for one that would be happening next week, also led by a world renowned Cougar Mountain tour guide.

And we're moving, we're moving, we're walking...

To our right was a grand rock face featuring the sought after falling water. The red coloring is unknown (to us) but we speculate that its deteriorating clay. But this isn't a clay tour...

And we're walking, we're walking...

This might be one of those "less-impressive" waterfalls that I mentioned earlier, but it still counts!

This one, I like to call Shangri-la, definitely the most impressive of the bunch! And reminded us of the Scottish waterfalls we saw in Glencoe UK.

This is when I turned around to see I had a very satisfied, and very cute customer.

And we're walking...

Those last two are really water trickles, but you have to give the people what they want so I had to route these in to our 4 mile walking tour.

After a very adventurous day Anna was super excited because TODAY was Lasagna Day! She was going to make her first lasagna ever with noodles that her momma gave her a little bit ago. She was excited for a few reasons. 1) She loves to get rid of things from the pantry 2.) She had never made lasagna before and knew it would probably turn out well, and after days of lost battles with vegan donut recipes, she was not about to let the kitchen win and 3) she had been drooling about how much cheese she was going to eat at dinner, all day long.

As the good smells filled our house I thought I would pop my head in to get a picture of her in action! She was just heading around the corner with a big smile on her face with the lasagna in hand!

We gave ourselves 3 hours for the recipe, and everytime I checked on her she would say:

The kitchen was a flurry of spices, sauces and sass, but she never let the stress show. Singing and cooking with perfect hair and makeup. The dish was finally ready, and boy did it look good (actual photo below)

It was perfect authentic Italian lasagna, and enough to feed a native London tribe. We polished off half of the 9x13 pan ourselves and saved the rest for another day, or if some natives drop by.

Good night, godspeed...

Waterfalls & Lasagna.