• Anna

Tree Time!! (Blogmas Day 6)

Every year Rich and I pull the tree out of storage, assemble it, and plug it in to illuminate it, and every year it partially lights up less and less. We've added on a new layer of lights to make up for the dead, attached ones, we put all the ornaments on and say "hey, we get one more year out of this tree!" I laugh because its funny to me every year- so funny that I think I will be truly sad when we finally do get a new tree.

We have a tradition of the boys making the star for the tree - this year was Max's turn so we have a cute little Patrick Star Pants looking over us this season.

We also hung my super cute, and simple wreath on the front door. No need to Griswold style Christmas- the details are what add the cozy, memorable vibes of the holiday.