• Anna

The Snow Appointment

Two days after Christmas conditions were supposed to be perfect in the mountains for a good old-fashioned sled day. We recruited Max and Richie (who later got out of the recruitment) to go tromp around in the snow. We brought skis, snowshoes and an entire picnic set up (I say "we" but really this was all Rich. He packs everything up the night before, ready to go and excited first thing in the morning... I just kind of hop in the truck and ask "so where we are going again?"

We learned that if we wake Max up right before we leave, say "time to get up" and that we are going to go do something "dress warm and get in the truck" he's still in zombie-mode just enough to not protest. Before he really comes-to we are already half way through our day, and he is having fun.

Skiing conditions were not ideal at all, but we had an awesome time testing out the tracks & trails (which were ready very early this year), showing Max how to strap into snowshoes, hanging out and sledding. We called it quits after both $5 sleds broke and then grabbed Max a burger on the way home.