• Anna

The Food Tour Continues! (Blogmas Day 9)

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

Okay, so continuing on with yesterday's food blog is a little bit of a cop out for blogmas... but but but

1) I need to regroup my Christmassy thoughts (Hard to do when I was working on Waste Water Treatment Propos for work all day... 🤮)

2.) I'm super proud of the food I've made!

3.) I'M HUNGRY! Rich is currently making speghetti and roasting toasting some new Gluten Free bread that I found (Hawaiian sweet bread?!?! Thanks Canyon House!) Also before anybody snacks, I am well aware that Hawaiian sweet bread doesn't really go with the Italian theme, but it's what I want... and I get what I want... because I'm a pretty pretty princess.

So here are the rest of my glamorous and more recent creations:

This one was one of my faves, tempeh ( another soy based protein) roasted carrots and broccoli, avocado - eating the rainbow, pals.

Sweet Potato Toast! Have ya ever heard of such a thing? I cut the sweet potato extra thin, plopped it in the toaster and voila! This got topped with avocado, strawberries and Everything But The Bagel seasoning from Trader Joe's. A perfect savory- sweet snack.

This delight was a vegan "BLTA" of sorts... arugula, tomato, vegan cheese and tempeh "bacon" paired with Butternut Squash Soup and pepitas.

Last but absolutely not least is this vegan banana cream pie with a graham cracker crust. SO so good.

Okay, speghetti is ready!

This is the last of the food tour, perhaps we will move on to more Christmas type topics for Blogmas.