• Anna

The Final Three Months (Blogmas Day 17)

I can't say I'm sad to be wrapping up this year... I don't think many of us are. I think most of us are hoping for a better next year, one without masks, travel, and more family time. Here are the last three months, in grand photo-tour fashion.

I worked on a couple of stipling art pieces - I found that poitillism was a great way to combine meditation and drawing...

We went cabin hunting and ice cave touring

I worked hard taking photos for one of my company's projects to be featured in a national magazine.

I drove to Oregon to surprise my mom on her birthday, and got to hang out with these spectacular mini humans:

We went cabin hunting again and I showed Rich the ol' Halstead cabin grounds.

Our long time family friend Alison passed away suddenly... of all the things this year, this has been especially hard for me to grasp.

Rich and I did several trail runs, clocking some miles towards the 100-miles-to-Christmas challenge.

And then I blogged the rest!

I think... dare I type it.... that this blog is officially and finally caught up!!!

Happy blogmas! Until tomorrow, Ragamuffins.