• Anna

The Belated Birthday Post

My birthday was on November 18th... and every single year I get really introspective around my birthday due to the weather getting gloomier, me having trapped creativity that I need to get out- and I'm overall just a pretty reflective/introspective person (which has it's pros and cons). This year I got incredibly introspective - and it was not fun! It wasn't fun because my introspective thoughts were centered around some cloudy, harmful, underlying religious messages I received when I was young, overly sensitive and impressionable (spoiler alert, I'm still overly sensitive)... ANYWAY long, dreary, bizarre story short, I'm choosing to reject those old messages as things that no longer serve me or promote a positive mental health for me. (Honestly, these thoughts were giving me HUGE anxiety leading up to my birthday and then after some really good chats with Rich, my Mom, Seestar-in-law, walks with my dad, and a lot of meditation that helped recognize my anxiety triggers, I no longer have any residual anxiety and I feel heard, not crazy, and like I have one of the greatest families in the whole world . ((Maybe I'll write more on my feelings on all of this as I continue to figure them out, so long as they aren't harmful to others - Ahimsa... ))

Anyway, I digress - BACK to fun Birthday stuff and all the other excuses that were holding me back from blogging) Here is a crotch shot of Blaise, the fluffinpuss in my lap to lighten the vibes.

Thirty-one was really no big deal. Nobody really cares about thirty-one. WOOOOOoooo Three-One! It's not a milestone birthday, and it's rather anti-climactic after thirty. Rich was amazing in celebrating it though by taking me on a date to a suuuper cute Italian place in downtown Seattle- which made me feel like we were really getting out for a night on the town since the majority of our lives revolve around Bellevue and eastward for hikes. Then we came home and were in bed by 8:30... which was absolutely amazing. (Funny, how as you get older that's all you want- peace and sleep).

I haven't been taking a ton of pictures recently... mostly because I'm really enjoying being in the present. I also spend SO much time on my phone and computer these days for work that one of the last things I want to do when I get home is to be in front a screen some more. I plan to take my big camera around with me more. I think there is a creative energy that bubbles up just from holding that thing.

As I write this, it's Thanksgiving and I have had three long weekends in a row away from work. The first weekend, being my birthday weekend. Last weekend I went down to visit my family in Oregon which was so good and being around my nephews always fuels creativity. (SPOILER ALERT: I made a mini vlog on this trip and I'll get around to editing and posting soon... hopefully not a year from now ) and today is the first day since my last post that I feel originative enough to create fun things. I've had a LONG bout of writers block and creative blockage which can only mean that I need to take more days away from work... sorry boss. It's also a huge reminder that anxiety is one of the largest creativity blockers, and now that I busted through some of that I'm feeling all of these ideas pop up about photos to take, drawings to make, blogs to write, videos to shoot, you get the idea. HOORAY, She's back! The crowd goes wild...

My 30th year was also the most epic year I have ever had! Rich and I went to San Diego, got engaged! I also traveled to Scottsdale, Yuma, Hawaii. My sweet little michlan man nephew Timothy was born. We did a TON of skiing, went to Smith Rock, Bend and Eugene on a little road trip. I ran my first half marathon, and I felt healthier than ever.

Thirty-one is going to be even better - we're getting married in March (!!!) we're travelling to Whistler, Costa Rica, Kentucky, Yuma, Maybe Chicago or Santa Barbara, College tours with Richie. I'm running my first FULL marathon. We'll see what other avenues work can take me down that don't lead me into a such a creative rut, but rather fuel the energy that I have for creating content. THERE IS A LOT HAPPENING OVER HERE THIS YEAR!! I'm so excited to be back in a mental space to fully embrace and enjoy it all.

I fully realize this birthday post isn't as fun or awesome as last year's post... But it's my blog so I'm going to write what I want to write, and you can choose to read it or not.

P.S. BLOGMAS is coming! This year I'm going to do the same thing as last year and post something every day... BUT I'm going to mix videos in there too so it will be a "Blogmas & Vlogmas! HIP HIP HOORAY!

Go be real, be true, and be the best version of yourself each and every year, Ragamufffins.