• Anna

The 10 Days of Blogmas

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

I forgot I had a blog until last week. I thought to myself, "isn't there something fun that I do every year around this time, that doesn't involve sitting in traffic, working, or spending money?" And I realized "yes! BLOGMAS!". For the past few years Blogmas has been a creative outlet during a gloomy and sometimes stressful time of year that makes me slow down, live in the present, see the pretty twinkley lights, enjoy having my family around, and remember the joyful part of the season. This year, I let busyness get in the way - but it's okay! Grannie called me out!! Shoutout to Grannie for reminding me that blogmas is as much fun for her to read as it is fun for me to put it together. I'm late to the game for the full 25 days of posting, and even late for the "12 days of blogmas" so, we will have 10! 10 days of blogs...

Today was a big day in the Glidden-Halstead household so its a great day to start!

We got a Christmas tree! We have been so busy running around (more on that in another blog) that we didn't even realize we only had 9 days until Christmas and still didnt have a tree. We had just gotten rid of our old Christmas tree last year after the holidays - it had "lived" 4 years longer than we ever intended. At 8PM Rich said "you guys want to go get a tree?", as I was sleepily heading up to bed. Obviously, I perked back up, and said "of course!" Max, Rich and I headed to the mecca of artificial Christmas trees... Home Depot. After much pondering over fluffiness, fullness and flair we landed on the one you see in the image. It took less than 15 minutes to set up so I was able to muster just enough extra energy to hang the ornaments while max made Cookies and Rich worked on a house project. Now, it finally feels like the Christmas season has finally begun. Hallelujah!

Welcome to the family, floofy tree - we look forward to many many years with you.