• Anna

Sunrise, Burroughs, and a Baby Bear

The road to sunrise closes really early for cars. I mean, the second week of September, early. This year, they weren't wrong to do so, considering that today it snowed buckets at just 2,500 feet. Considering that Sunrise is at 6,400 feet, it's safe to assume it's snuggly under snow now.

Last time I had been to Sunrise was with Daddio AND I did a little vlog about it. You can watch that here:

This past weekend Rich and I were able to take both of the boys up (this is rare that we all four have a day to spend together). We woke them up bright and early for a Saturday and they stayed conked out about 95% of the drive. We did a 5.71 mile loop starting from Sunrise, up Burroughs 1 and looped back around to sunrise. It was the perfect distance to still be fun for the one with shorter legs. The weather was perfect, Rich got bit by a very comical prankster chipmunk, and there were bears!! We watched a mom & cub feed on the grass about 100ft off our trail for like 30 minutes... so I don't think it could have gotten much better. Then we got back in the car, and the boys slept 95% of the way down to my family's fave restaurant in Enumclaw, Krain Corner.

Richie was a pro, packed his zoom lens and got these shots of our little furry friends!

Rich teaching his mini's about how fragile the plants are in environments like this.

Go play outside ragamuffins, even if there is snow.