• Anna

Sprite Lake & Paddy-Go-Easy Pass

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

We ALMOST got attacked by a cougar. I'm just going to throw that out there, casually. There was fresh scat, a print and rustling in the woods.... so I'm going to go ahead and count that as a near miss (Rich rolls eyes, and just smiles).

We had one of the best camp sites a few minutes from the trailhead. It was next to a small river cove where we could put the kayak in and paddle up and down the very slow moving river to kill time. We made some dinner, had some wine, but no camp-fires this trip, Washington had already started its burn ban... then to sleep at dusk.

After a shockingly o.k. sleep (we haven't had much luck with good sleep on camping trips so far this summer) we packed everything up and headed to Paddy-Go-Easy Pass... we were the only car in the lot all day, and we never saw a soul. FYI: Paddy-Go-Easy Passis not "easy" (and we never saw paddy - Rich).

About one mile in, still in the wooded area was when there started to be evidence of a cougar. It didn't help that a deer also jumped out and ran just about 30 feet from the trail making A LOT of noise to spook me for the rest of the trip. At the start the underbrush was incredibly tall (taller than Rich, and he darn tall), and very dense (Rich not dense). We couldn't see much for maybe 3 miles. In my spooked state I grabbed a rock and a stick and drummed them together the ENTIRE way up. All while singing Ludacris songs and Jesus-loves-me songs... sure to scare the cougs away (Rich rolls eyes, smiles again). You can bet we were both relieved to see the trees and the underbrush clear as we climbed higher.

At the top we were rewarded with a view of the Teanaways (The Cradle and The Nursery at left, Stuart distant center) and perhaps the prettiest and perfectly round alpine lake I have ever seen - Sprite Lake (Bonus points if you can find Rich in the above picture).

The above picture of me is either a.) me expressing how big the fish I just saw was. ( Yes! There were some really big fish in there!) or b.) me dancing, because I do that a lot and because we finally got to our destination after summiting this little peak below:

I really wanted to just lay in that water at this point in our hike. Clouds were starting to gather and darken so we splashed around for a while and soaked in some of the views before heading back down Paddy-not-so-easy-go-Pass.

Overall 10/10. Would I return despite the imaginary near cougar attack? (Rich rolls eyes and smiles) Yes.... Would Rich return with me after I sang rap songs and drummed by little stick and rock for 5 hours? probably not. Would I ever go back solo? No.. I would surely get eaten.

Cheers, Ragamuffins. Now go play outside.