• Anna

'Splorin Sunday

This Sunday was another Sunday set aside for exploring before we begin a busy work week (and this week is going to be SO busy and exciting because my Company is launching their new branding that I got to be a part of and I am beyond stoked to finally see it roll out!).

Rich has been getting Cabin fever recently in two different ways. The first way that he is getting cabin fever is because he has now been working from our dining room table since March 14th. The second, is that he really wants a cabin to escape to. We have always talked about getting one later on down the line, but a few are popping up that have been interesting enough to explore the idea of "why wait?". Today we went up about an hour north of Bellevue to look at a cabin that was super dreamy, and super funky as far as property rights we took our thoughts on down the road on a little walk through the woods (and a little forge through the river) to look at the famous Big Four ice caves. We didn't take any pictures of the river part because I was concentrating on getting out of the cold water as quickly as possible, BUT we did get some epic pictures of the fall foliage, moody blue foggy sky and the caves.

(In this picture im describing to Rich the crazy funnel flow of the water fall and the formation of the cornice at the top, as if he couldn't see if for himself 😜)

(And it was just an arms-up! kind of a day )

Happy Sunday, Ragamuffins!