• Anna

Silver Peak & Tinkham Peak

Bear grass is my favorite. I like the way the light shines through it and makes it look like a 4ft tall glowy puff ball from heaven. This bear grass was spotted on a double summit day up Silver and Tinkham peak. (Richie's FIRST double summit day.) Rich and I have climbed up Silver many times and it remains one of my favorite because it's really diverse, even though its an out-and-back, you get to hike on part of the PCT which always make me wonder about everybody else who has ever hiked that trail, and is currently hiking the entire route, and as soon as you start walking away from the car it feels like you're really really far out there in the wilderness (even though you're only a quick 30 mins away from a fine Mexican dining establishment, which we reward ourselves with after nearly every hike in the I-90 corridor.

I haven't really been taking a ton of photos on our trips, and have rather just been enjoying making memory photos. (You know, those moments that you want to save the image in your brain forever so you take a little mental picture? I've got oodles of reels of those photos in my brain). Also, some of the rock we were on required a great deal of concentration and probably wouldn't have been the best place for me to be fiddling around with my camera or my phone. The picture above is of Rich looking at Tinkham, our second peak of the day. We went up the right side, peeked over the top of the rocks and promptly scurried back down before the mosquitos ate us alive. We were lucky that there were no mosquitos at the top of Silver Peak because of the light breeze.

The flower above is called Queen Anne's Lace, and the flower below is just called pretty, because I have no idea what it's actually called.

The apple offerer.

Go play outside, ragamuffins.