• Anna

Roadtrip Part 2

The second leg of our trip brought us to Springfield, Oregon. I consider myself super lucky to have most of my family in the same spot because then I get to visit with all of them all at once, and it like a joyful heart explosion!

The little guys thought that Max was pretty neat. Sammy asked within 5 minutes of being with max if he wanted to snuggle on the porch swing and Timmy liked to share his unique grass findings from the lawn with Max.

Rich and Daddio spent most of their time together geeking out over bike stuff and maps. It was fun to see them connect over their love of moving across land on two wheels.

Max gave us a firework show and shared his sparklers, so we could all enjoy. It was strange to be in a place that still allows large fireworks. While I do NOT enjoy the noises of fireworks, it was fun to see them light up the sky while we went on a brief evening walk.

And just because I didn't post pictures of my last visit to Springfield only a month ago - here is a cutie patootie couple with me and the little ninos and Sarah.

The next leg of our journey (and the last) brings us to Florence and Seaside! Stay tuned...