• Anna

Road Trip Part 3

We aren't still road tripping. Contrary to what this delayed post might make you think, we actually ended our road trip a month ago - I'm just staying true to the inconsistent blogger that I am.

We went to a great camp spot with the little ninos and my brother and sister-in-law and were having so much fun we forgot to take pictures.... except for this one of max and I around the fire, right after I got caught playing with the fire.

Then we packed up and headed north to the Sea Lion Caves on our route to Seaside! We almost bypassed this thinking it was going to be too touristy, but it was totally worth the cost and the experience. It was nice that they had such limited capacity due to COVID regulations because we were actually able to see and enjoy the sea lions without being crowded by people. (Everybody stayed 6ft away and wore masks).

We then went just a blip further north to Yahachts - one of the greatest places for looking at crazy sea critters in tide pools! After that we didn't take any more pictures. Seaside was uncomfortably crowded for pandemic times and we were pretty tired and ready to get home after four days of non-stop playing.

Get outside and play, ragamuffins! (But, if you have a face and you are going to be around other people, wear your mask)