• Anna

Preparation for Cookie Day (Blogmas Day 18)

Step 1: Do proper research to plan for cookie day extravaganza...

Step 2: Take inventory!

Step 3: Lose my mind because I waited until the weekend before Christmas to do all of my shopping for baking needs! Also be paranoid that I always get a sore throat in public and feel like I need to cough... I am 1000% convinced that this is completely psychological.

Step 4: find only half of the things I was looking for between to different stores.

Step 5: Come home with multiple things I absolutely did not need.

Step 6: make a "Christmas cookie menu" / plan for tomorrow's baking sesh and announce it to family.

Step 7: family requests cookies now.

Step 8: make family said requested cookies that were absolutely not on the original menu.

Step 9: Be delighted that these Gingerdoodles turned out amazingly well and taste just like the Starbucks molasses cookies.

Step 10: Go to bed with a belly fully of gingerdoodles.

Happy Blogmas!