Pre-Wedding Photo Splash

I thought I was just about ready to post our wedding photos - admittedly behind, actually, when I realized there were a few great shareables between my last post (January?! Sorry, sorry) and our wedding. Here's a little tour of life just before our wedding... errrr January - March 19th.

Rich and I stayed in this super cute little A-Frame cabin and cross country skied for a couple days - the snow was incredibly deep, but that caused some issues with the trails, because the groomers weren't able to set tracks due to fallen trees and depth of snow.. so while it wasn't a great ski season, this cabin getaway sure was.

I went to my very first ever Kraken game! I had no idea how much I would like Hockey - it's so fast paced and like lacrosse on ice ( I'm fairly certain that no hockey player would agree with me on that one) but I found it relatable. Being in the arena after years of marketing for it was surreal. We're extra lucky that Rich's company has a suite, and he has to entertain clients by hosting them in the suite - sometimes I get to tag along as his extra-cute and extra-charming sidekick. I live a tough life.

We flew too and from Eugene for a quick visit with the Halstead-heads. I got to spend some quality time with seester, but never enough, Rich and Dad went on a wander around the local trails, and mom and I talked about fancy wedding things and she worked some wonders on my dress, making it perfect and ready for March 19th.

While I was there I looked through my mom's oldest cookbook which was from my great grandma? great-great grandma? She'll correct me if she ever reads this - but it was remarkable. The recipes were bonkers, and the little handwritten notes were beautiful. Old cookbooks feel like diaries and I love them. I also finally got to gift my parents their Christmas present, which was a painting of our family cabin that I had been working on for way, way too long. Note: It's incredibly difficult to paint something from your past as it never comes close enough to matching your memory, and always falls short of magic. With time, a lot of patience, a few glasses of wine, and some fiesty "I give up" splatters of paint, I finally finished it. I put Rudy dog in it running down the stairs too because that's exactly how I remember the cabin.

When we got home from Eugene I had a couple of days of work, and then I got back on a plane to fly to San Diego to my other office - and as I sit here I'm trying to remember why I had to make that trip, and for the life of me I can't remember... but I'm certain is was very. very. very. very important.

I like to spy places I've been from airplanes - I Spy Crater Lake!

I officially started prep for my competition! I will be competing in the Oregon Open on July 2nd and each day that passes that gets me closer to show date the more tired I am, and the more self-appointed time-outs I need.

Max slayed his very first season on Varsity soccer AS A FRESHMAN. HIs team has great chemistry and Max is so, so good - after he scores a goal he makes binoculars at us in the crowd and it is my absolute favorite part about his games. He is the happiest kid I have ever seen the second he scores a goal and the fact that he looks at us right after he does it!? I'm not crying, you're crying.

Aside from all of that I hosted my first Saint Patrick's Day party - all of us (Except Max) got Norovirus the week before the wedding, and then we got hitched! GUESS WHAT POST IS NEXT!!!