• Anna

Our Oregon Road Trip

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

Disclaimer: This was only a 3-night road trip, but we covered a lot of ground. I googled the definition of "Road Trip" and there is no minimum of nights in order to qualify. WHERE DID WE GO? I never thought you'd ask...

First night:

Smith Rock. I think I've driven by this area a dozen times in my life, but did you know a cool little town of Terrebonne existed? Me neither. Now we want to live there. Rich and I have found that we're kind of desert people. (I've got a thing for trees too, as you can see through my obsessive tree photo collection throughout my posts). We just like the wide open space, the critters, the lack of mosquitoes, the air... everything (except the snakes).

We wandered around watching climbers and spotting birds and marmots. This is really the best kind of desert. Wide open and barren, but with a little hidden gem with a river running through it. Thanks, Terrebonne.

Next Stop: Bend! Recreation Capital of Oregon. Our first stop in Bend was a super exciting type of recreation that I hadn't done since I was 12 and Rich and Richie had never done. *Cue excitement!* We went white river rafting through Seventh Mountain Inn! Such a fun experience, though were a bit disappointed in the length of it (only 45-ish minutes) but the rapids all had funny names like fluffy bunny (class 1), Bone Crusher (Class 2) and the three stooges (Class 3).

We stayed at Loge Camps, an EVO run hotel that is completely themed around Mountain biking. We're not mountain bikers, but we dig the culture. We also liked the hammock that hung in our room (perfect lounging spot when you're not quite ready for bed, but want ultimate chillage). We could rent bikes for free and pedal our way into downtown Bend, so the obvious choice was to scoot around on those for awhile until it was time for a nap.

On our way from Bend to Springfield we stopped at Clear Lake... and lemmetellyaguys, It is THE CLEAREST LAKE.

I took this picture for everybody in my family that loves to hate feet pictures.

Finally we stopped in Springfield for the Grand Finale. Seeing my family!! It was a short, but super duper sweet visit with scrumptious burgers, and belly laughs AND Grannie and Ray!! I realize now that we're missing my parents from this picture, but it may be my new favorite family photo.

Now we're back home, planning what we'll do with our next weekend and soaking in as much outdoors as we possibly can. During the work week this consists of walks after dinner or bike rides to dinner. We'll take what we can get until the rainy season comes again.

Now go get outside, ya' ragamuffins.