• Anna

On the Third Day of Blogmas

On the third day of Blogmas Richie came home from school! Richies birthday is the 13th of December so we celebrated tonight by going out to a favorite restaurant with the whole family, and the boy's girlfriends included. Of course, I don't have a photo. But there is one floating around on Vicki's phone somewhere. I'll get that later. What I do have pictures of, is our most recent trip to Phoenix!

It was a very relaxing and quick trip filled with 1 hike, 1 intense game of 2:2 basketball, 1 game of backyard mini golf, and one turkey festival. I'll just post pictures for this one to make up for all my photo slacking recently.

Now, we won't travel for awhile and will enjoy being home together for a few weeks. Merry blogmas!