• Anna

On the Seventh Day of Blogmas

On the seventh day of Blogmas I thought it would be more fun to post something actually Festive! How we decorated our house this year!

We are pretty minimal with our decorations so they are all wisely chosen! Here is a little tour:

Rich brought home this real garland from work and it was beauuutiful and smelled like evergreens. We did learn, however, that real garlands are maybe a little overrated because this thing is d.e.a.d. now. Oh well, it's still pretty-ish and makes our entryway inviting 😊

I've also discovered that this "Gnome for the Holidays" theme is really my vibe. Little funny bearded men and woodland creatures is my Christmas design methodology. I know some of these decor pieces are dead or wrinkly but see the 6th day of Christmas post before judgement is passed... at least the decorator isn't dead or wrinkly.

This is my woodland creature Christmas band that sits on top of my piano and helps me sing the Christmas carols.

And the above is my personal favorite decoration. Blaiser cat is sporting this seasons newest fashion - a joker-style Christmas collar with bells on every point. She loves it.

Merry Blogmas!