• Anna

On the second day of blogmas

On the second day of blogmas I worked from home, sweating through all of my meetings with a 101 degree temp, bones that felt like they were breaking and an occasional hug to the bathroom floor, thanks to my COVID booster shot. ( Yaaaaay 2021). Blaise and I have landed here finally on the couch after bingewatching The Good Witch.

We thought that instead of mopeing around longer and talking about what a waste of a day today was, it would be more fun to tell you about me and Rich's recent trip to Utah!

One of my oldest and favorite friends got married in American Fork, Utah. Just south of Salt Lake City and since Rich and I had both never been to Utah before we thought we would make little getaway out of it!

The first day we landed early, rented a car and drove to Park City looking for a trail to run on. Shockingly the trails were harder to find than anticipated but we found one I'm an area called Round Valley, and there is no photo evidence, so you will have to believe me, but we ran/walked along side an entire herd of elk.

The next say we decides to go on a nice short hike , but didn't realize that all the mountains around there are not nice short hikes. They are big. And steep. This particular mountain started at 6,000 ft elevation and went to just over 9000 in less than 2 miles. I only almost cried once and only almost threw up twice.

On our way down we actually got to relax and take in how gorgeous the surroundings were.

We went back to the hotel to rest our very, very, very tired legs, and then it was up and at-em again for me. I had the honor of planning Tawni's bachellorette party along side her sister. With this group, 80% don't drink, one of them is very pregnant, and about 6 of them were fellas. But they were all some of my closest friends that I grew up with so I knew we would have fun no matter what we did. Soooo we went axe throwing!

From left to right starting with me we have Annie, Brian, Janelle (Tawni's sister), Cameron, Amelia, Brad, Andy, and 2 of Trevor's sisters McKenna and Megan, and in the front we have Dallas and Tawni.

After this we went to a sports bar because Tawni and Janelle really wanted to experience it, and experience it they did! While drinking Shirley temples the two of them even got up to sing karaoke!

I don't have pictures from the wedding just yet, but hopefully those will come soon. The venue was gorgeous, Tawni was beautiful, and it made me so happy to introduce Rich to all of these people that I have talked about for years and years. The day we left we even got together one more time for 3-hour sushi with all of my pals just because we wanted to soak up as much time with everybody as we could. It's rare to have that many close friends that you have practically known since you started walking. I feel very lucky and I miss them all already. 😊