• Anna

On the Ninth and Tenth day of Christmas

First of all, you deserve a varied recap of how the cookies turned out.

I actually forgot to take a picture of the final product (I'm on a roll with not capturing moments, People! On.a.roll!) Short story though is that they turned out wonderfully. I hardly ate any because my tum was too full from lacking g the batter spoons. The macarons turned out a liiiiiitle too sweet (a-lotta-too-sweet) just because of the filling I chose, but scientifically, they were on point.

That is the only picture I took before we took these cookies over to our very sweet neighbors.

After the cookie baking extravaganza day we all piled in to the car and headed over to Rich's parents house for our traditional Christmas eve get together.

Once again. This is the only picture I took, and it's not even good... but it is a picture a of four happy dudes with full bellies of meatloaf watching Elf, and the moment made me happy.