• Anna

On the Fourth Day of Blogmas

On the Fourth day of Blogmas my true love gave to me a night at the Kraken Game! Rich's company has a suite at the new Climate Pledge Arena and that's where his company holiday party was hosted. It was so fun walking through the arena in real life since walking through it virtually and staring at renderings and design packages for my last company over the last 3 years. It was a little surreal, and I was completely geeking out. I enjoyed watching hockey too! I enjoy watching all live sports games (not on tv) but I never realized how fast-paced and similar to lacrosse hockey was. Obviously it's on ice, and the players have knives attached to their shoes, so it's not like lacrosse in that sense, but the quick passing and being able to go behind the goal were similar concepts. The arena was beautiful, and it was great to finally meet some of Rich's coworkers at his new-ish job. He's been at the company for nearly 3 years but thanks to COVID there hasn't been a holiday party or company gathering since he started.

I only took one picture all night. Maybe the habit will come back to me but it's been very nice to live more in the present, especially with my family, rather than the camera on my phone.

Which just made me think... maybe if I whipback out my old DSLR camera I might still feel in the present. The problem with taking pictures on my phone is that as soon as I press the screen to take a photo, I see all of my other emails notifications, texts, app notifications, upcoming meetings and appointments, and even notifications of deliveries that may have been made to the house! Once I see those things my mind goes to my to-do list, rather than hanging out with the people I love so I have just been avoiding it. Maybe this can be a new years resolution. Take more pictures on a real camera.

Anyway- here is the one photo I took 😊

Merry blogmas!