• Anna

On the Fifth Day of Blogmas

On the Fifth day of Blogmas I sat in bed remembering that I needed to do a post, right as I should be leaving for work... but blogging is more fun, so I decided to sit in bed for longer, definitely far from being ready to go in to the office.

Today's post will actually have nothing to do with this holiday, but yet another rewind to some pictures I never posted, but should have, from my last trip to Eugene. Naturally, I miss my family this time of year but Mumsie and Daddio will hopefully have a very relaxing Christmas with no hooligans running around (mainly, me) and Sarah and Christopher and the boys are adventuring to see Grannie. Me and my family of boys are sticking around Washington, and hopefully (fingers crossed) getting some cross-country skiing on on Christmas morning.

Last time I went down to Oregon, towards the end of October, Mumsie- queen of all group activities, sent us on a little autumnal scavenger hunt around the neighborhood. The items that had to be found were things like "something orange" as Sammy is so proudly demonstrating above, and "Autumn Leaves", "scarecrow", etc.

Merry Blogmas!