• Anna

My Piano (Blogmas)

I realized today that I never posted about my graduation gift to myself! I bought myself a gorgeous wood-looking digital piano. After a very long time of testing the feel of different pianos for key-weight and sound I finally found my favorite and brought her home. Now the piano lives in our living room. Right where it belongs. When I told people that I bought a piano most people respond with a weird look like "why?" and think that I'll never play it. However, most of these people don't know that I've been playing piano since I was four years old and that I used to play at my parents house from waking up until going to bed. (minor exaggeration... but not much), and now that I have a piano again I play it all. the. time.

You see, my piano is a lot more than a hobby that has a rapidly fading novelty about it. Some of my earliest memories are my mom playing the piano and me laying underneath it playing with the pedals because she would "let me help" when she was playing. I loved when she would open it up so I could see how the strings and the hammers work like a manual music box when the keys were hit just right.

My piano has always been a place for me to get out extra excited energy, calm anxiety, think through life-decisions, and to soothe myself to sleep. I have fallen asleep at the piano and I've woken my family up with the piano. The piano has always been there to tinker with friends playing terrible and repetitive duets, to play celebration tunes at birthdays, or to entertain at parties. It's been there to play somber music in sad times and love songs in twitterpated times, and an endless game of "MOM, GUESS THIS SONG!". The piano has always been a place for me to entertain myself, stitching unlikely songs together, or playing songs that everybody hates just to laugh maniacally as I get it stuck in their head (See "Spinning Song", or "Entrance of the Gladiators"). The piano was always allowed to be played, and everybody adapted to it - with earplugs for naps, or pocket doors being shut... but most of the time it was enjoyed by my dad reading his book in the living room, or my mom singing along in the kitchen.

Now the piano plays a little bit of a different role - now I share it with Max, who loves to teach himself new songs on it, and I mostly play through headphones so I can play in our living room, while the TV is on, but it still makes me feel like I'm hanging out with the family. But when people ask me "why", it's because my piano is still all of those other great things to me. My piano taught me, and now continues to teach me patience, self-discipline, to pay attention to details, creativity, and to be present.

I can't believe that I went nearly 6 years without having a piano in my home and am so happy to have a piano again. Welcome to the fam, little piano.