• Anna

My Hair Stole the Day (Blogmas Day 19)

I had intentions of going to the store to get the rest of my ingredients for cookies but this is what happened:

I had a hair appointment scheduled for 9:15 - 11:00 for highlights... every time I go in for highlights they schedule me for this amount of time and every time I tell them "It's going to take you twice as long as you think" and the stylist says "no no no hunny, this will be quick and easy" and just like that I walk out of there at 1:45 looking good, but also with an I-told-you-so-attitude.

Rich thinks I look like the bad guy from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in this picture, but I don't really see it.

So long story short, my hair hair looks cute but I didn't squeeze in the cookie extravaganza because apparently sitting in a chair for so many hours really takes the creativity out of ya. I did manage to crank out some delish honey-sugar cookies in assorted shapes.

The majority of them are trees per Rich's request (they are his favorite shape flavor) since he never saw trees growing up. I also made angels, stars and some blobby snowflakes, but these were my favorite... I call them the 2020 shape:

Happy Blogmas!