• Anna

May was last month, right?

I'm currently sitting in the car driving with Rich and Max to go tour our dream cabin over in Plain, Washington. This drive feels like the largest amount of time I've had in a few months to think about a blog, so lucky duckies, here we are, road-bloggin'!

Per most of the year so far I have referred to last year, meaning 2019; next month, meaning September; and last month, meaning May. Clearly I have entered a time warp. I also accidently deleted a ton of photos from my phone, but from what I have left, I'll start with our first big adventure after our Yuma trip:

We ran a half marathon on the trails in Eastern Washington! (We did some other smaller runs leading up to this one but I accidently deleted proof of those, so we essentially did this run with very little training) For having not run a bunch yet this year, being able to bust out a half marathon felt pretty good! We maintained a steady pace right next to each other and got to feast on bananas and fruit snacks when we finished up. (That's really what we pay for right?)

We camped out the night before, rather than having to drive at 6am to get to the start line on time. Rich found this cute little campground that was filled with other runners and we iced our feet in this cute little river.

This is all we bring with us on our long runs (I wasn't kidding about those fruit snacks)

Obviously no photos of us running because that would look too much like a horror film. Next blog is coming at you with the next chronogical event that I find in my phone, tomorrow!

It's a ragamuffin recap extravaganza!