• Anna

July, August and September (Blogmas Day 10!)

Today is a double blogmas day because my creative brain was asleep yesterday. But today we are up early (thanks Blaise...), and ready to write!

Since we are still in a bit of a recapping phase (necessary to get you all caught up before we move forward right?! You don't just start reading about from the end do ya?!) I will bring you up to speed, in photos of course, of our lives from July to September.

After being in a shutdown since the beginning of March, at this point we were getting a little antsy, we figured out the whole mask thing, work-from-home-don't-ever-see-your-friends thing... but we missed people, so we broke a couple of rules and visited family and a few friends. (We still practiced being safe of course by making sure we didn't have any symptoms before going, and with our friends we stayed outside at all times. Also made sure that we weren't going into crowds of people... just our close people)

Before we get into July, I forgot a few key components to June... like I got a paddleboard!!

So worth the purchase, as water is my happy place - and this one is inflatable (the last one I had was a hard top so it was light, but difficult to transport, this one just rolls up into a backpack so I can take it wherever I want!)

Next up- Fourth of July! We did a road trip to/through Oregon to see the fam. It.was.perfect. I did a whole post on this so I won't do too much here... but this is my fave photo of the whole trip.

Very shortly after getting back from our road trip, Rich and I checked Thorp Mountain off of the list. (There is a past post on this also).

Next up we sang Sweet Caroline around a campfire at the annual Hidden Valley Ranch Party, one of my very oldest friends came in to town (she's a nurse in Utah and she has got some stories to tell... whew!), and Rich and I tagged another summit, this time with a little camping spot on the saddle between two mountains.

Then restaurants, gyms and places we like, (McMenamins), started opening up... so we started exploring even more. Looking back now we realize this was a totally premature opening, but it was nice to be able to go order a cider somewhere, and see other humans doing somewhat normal life.

Then the smoke rolled in changing up our routines some more - no more outside time and all of the sudden I was grateful for my mask.

(This was just a day at work.. and is actually quite typical. There are directional arrows on the ground, at least 6 feet apart, and there were probably only 4 other people in the entire office that day)

The second the smoke cleared Rich had a plan! We submitted Mount David, got a couple of good bike rides in, and then... fall fell hard!

Only one more 3- month catch up to go. Ragamuffins. Happy Blogmas!