• Anna

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Blogmas!

It's December and guess what that means! IT'S BLOGMAS! I gotta be honest, December kind of snuck up on me. This year has been both entirely too long, and incredibly fast all at the same time.

If you are new to tuning in to my blogmas special extravaganza hoopla of joy, I do it a little differently than most bloggers and vloggers. Blogmas tends to be all Christmas themed, but honestly I just don't have enough Christmas content for that. What I do have, are frequent adventures, art-work-in-progress, philosophical noodling sessions, an occasional pretend cooking show in my kitchen, and a drizzle of Christmas Spirit. (Rich will probably co-author on occasion because he is an A+ writer and I think he likes contributing to the blog. If we are extra lucky, Blaise might co-author too but since she doesn't have any thumbs Rich will likely write for her.)

I'll kick this blogmas off with our most recent adventure. It will be a short and sweet post because the recent hike we did was straight up and down for 8 miles so I didn't take a lot of time to take pictures until we reached the top, and even then it was cold sitting on the snow - so just a few (let's focus on quality rather than quantity though, eh? I take some time to warm up to the daily posts)

This is Tenerriffe Falls. We took a side mountaineer trail called the Serendipity Route to get here, rather than the main trail since this is a VERY popular hike. It was nice to not have to wear masks off the beaten path.

This is Mister McCutie Hiker. I found him in the woods.

Then we climbed up another 2500 ish feet on the Kamikaze Route (much more appropriate name) .

It's hard to see but there was a weather inversion, so we got up above the fog that was in the valley and it was warmer at the top than at the trailhead. If you squint your eyes and zoom in you can actually see the tipping top of the Columbia Tower in downtown Seattle peeking out of the fog.

And finally... us!

Happy first day of Blogmas, Ragamuffins!!