• Anna

Hurricane Ridge Run

Port Angeles is not a quick little day trip. We made it one though when Max had a soccer game over there. At one o'clock we were watching the game, and at four o'clock we were running at Hurricane Ridge at one of the coolest places we have ever run in Washington. We agreed that we say that about a lot of our runs and hikes, but this certainly placed in the top three (again.. in Washington, we have had some seriously insanely beautiful international runs and that's an entirely different list.) This is the only place I can think of that we have ever been where you can look one direction and see an entire mountain range, and then look to the opposite side and see the ocean. Other notable things about this run? We were also on the edge of one of the few temperate rainforests in the United States AND you can see the Strait of Juan De Fuca and Canada.

I took a pause while writing this to make sure I didn't say the only temperate rainforest in the contiguous United States... the jury is still out, but it looks like there is one in the Southern Appalachians. Also I learned a lot about some other rainforests that I now feel the need to go to, and you can too if you want to read a different blog by somebody else.

Also a funny little article and strange thing about this area that happened last year can be found here: Goat's airlifted article.

Okay, Mom here's a serious picture.

Alright... well apparently I didn't get a single photo of the Straight, or all of the cool little islands, and was more intrigued by the mountains. But trust me, it was there.

Until next time!

-The Original Ragamuffin.