• Anna

Hello January

Hello January, I am cat.

December had more boxes, I like boxes.

And ribbons, December had lots of ribbons.

Humans have finally put away the tree where boxes live, but I keep this one.

I rub my cheeks on the box until human picks me up and puts me in box.

Then human pushes me around in box allowing me to survey with minimal effort. Humans ok for now, I put claws away.

The snow is finally gone now, I dislike snow.

Snow is not a box... Or a Ribbon. Why did humans ever bring snow in the first place, not impressed. Yawn.

Sun is back, which means birds are back. I like birds, but I think they are faster this year. I brought home many birds last summer but the humans never seem to appreciate my effort. They spray me with water. I dislike being sprayed with water. Water is for soaking my face beard while drinking, not for spraying.

Anyway, I am going now to see if there is any different food in my bowl, or to see if anything has changed inside the home, again.... And later I will also check to see if there is any different food in my bowl, or if anything has changed - anywhere.

Chao' friends.

Blaise cat