• Anna

First Snow Of The Season!

I think the week between Christmas and New Years is the most perfect timing for the clouds to shake out their little frozen poofs and spread them all over the Northwest! We got about 6 inches the night after Christmas, now it's about 19 degrees and we're expecting more snow Wednesday and Thursday of this week. Prayers of slowing life down have been answered. We have been resting, limiting our trips out and about and taking walks around to enjoy the weather, be it very, very brisk.

We do have very snow-capable cars so we did venture out of the neighborhood a couple times to brave the Icy hills. (I am not as comfortable driving in the snow as Rich is, so I get to just chill in the passenger seat. I'm OKAY at driving in the snow, I just don't enjoy it... Rich seems to thoroughly enjoy it). Day before yesterday we went on a walk around d our local blueberry farm, and yesterday we went on a hike up PooPoo point, accompanies by Richie and his girlfriend. We had a ton of fun, and were happy to get outside and get exercise in. But today, we enjoy the snow from an inside view.