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Eight Great Things about Cold Winters - by Rich (Blogmas Day 5)

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

1.) Free refrigerator outside! Hill-billy freezer or Redneck-fridge, your call. Fresh home from the grocery store with no extra room for the LaCroix and brews? You just keep your goods right outside from about December to February. They stay refreshingly cold, and you gain one happier cat - super thankful the for the six extra door openings from dinner to dishes.

2.) You don't have to go outside if you don't want to - it's winter after all. No reasonable person expects outdoorsy things from you when its "way colder than yesterday right?" And if "we'll go run later when it warms up" turns into three more episodes on Netflix, well now you're just caught up with your friends.

3.) When you do finally go outside you finally get to use all that new gear you convinced yourself you needed for wintertime. "Hun!? Are we just doing an easy hike?"

"Yeah totally... but bring poles ...and spikes ...and gators oh and grab my shovel, you see the tire chains anywhere?"

4.) Keeping the Virtual-Fireplace on 24/7. If you haven't done this yet I highly recommend it, no smoke, no stubborn kindling, just instant fire with a perfect ten hour flame. Here is our current favorite to get you started:

5.) It's Sweater season, baby! (Wear those pj's to the store... under the sweater of course) we won't tell nobody.

6.) As a Dad, you get to switch from asking everyone to "put some shorts on! It's 90 degrees!" To "put a coat on its freezing!" (Showing everyone your spontaneous side)

7.) As a Dad, you get to keep asking everyone to shut the door! Freezing or 90 degrees, same rules apply. (Showing everyone your consistent side)

8) Winter gives you more time indoors, giving you time to perfect stacking the gameboard pawns in Christmas tree formation! Just because the game is over, doesn't mean you can't keep playin'!

I'm happy to be of service helping you find the silver linings in cold winter days.

Later, ragamuffins.