• Anna

Decorations on a Budget (Blogmas Day 4)

I don't actually have a "decoration budget" but I also don't like spending a bazillion unnecessary dollars on decorations that are only out for maybe a month. Not a grinch- just a reasonable seasonal human. (Christmas music is a different story - that starts in September)

We have a new beautiful set of stairs and hand rail and my biggest decoration excitement has been to decorate our new banister with a garland. I did not know how expensive (yet often very cheap looking) garlands are!!!

After meandering through countless aisles of christmas floof and plastic garlands I remembered that at my former workplace e I would decorate a two story grand staircase with ribbon and it looked beautiful every year! So I stopped meandering and purposefully stomped over to the ribbon aisle, grabbed some goods and headed out! What would have cost me $80+ for a quality garlands cost me a total of $25 dollars in ribbon. Here is the final result:

Simple, and pretty! No need to overthink decor, Ragamuffins.

Happy Blogmas!