• Anna

Christmas Eve (Blogmas Day 24)

As I write this, it's actually Christmas morning... 3:20 AM, and I am wide awake for no particular reason. I think I'm Christmas-excited. This is the first Christmas morning that it is going to be just the four of us and I'm so excited for everybody to be together and open up their presents!

As I was lying here just thinking about the day I also panic-remembered that I didn't post on Christmas Eve! My Blogmas streak has been nearly perfect this year, and I almost blew it at the finish line!

Christmas Eve was another day filled with baking, followed by dinner and some gifts at Rich's parents house who had converted their garage into a little Covid-safe Christmas oasis.

My Christmas wishes for tomorrow:

  • A fun, relaxed day filled with happy moments

  • To not bake ANYTHING I hit my limit y'all. No more baked goods. My tummy is now in knots from the abuse, and I don't want to wash another bowl or beater for months. Back to chicken, rice and broccoli for me.

  • For Blaise to join in the Christmas cheer and not be such a grinch (she thinks that every present might jump up and kill her)

Happy Blogmas!