• Anna

Christmas Day (Blogmas Day 25)

This is the only photo I took all day today, and I didn't take any photos during our feast last night - we were just enjoying the day, opening presents, absorbing time with one another - because all four of us being together for Christmas morning is incredibly rare and it deserved our full attention and gratitude.

Max has been dancing around all day excited about his new remote control car, Rich has been wearing each article of clothing he received today, and Richie keeps singing how excited he is to brush his teeth with his new electric toothbrush I gave him. But the gratitude and happy songs that are happening here are for far more than the physical gifts - this year it feels like we are so lucky to be healthy, happy, and to be a more solid family even after such a crazy year.

All of our plans for the year went in the toilet (just like everyone else's in the entire world) but to still be happy playing games with each other around the dinner table after a great meal is worth celebrating. To have family to call is a blessing. And finally to be ending the year with positivity is what I am most grateful for.

This marks the end of Blogmas 2020! I will likely take a couple days rest from blogging, but stay tuned because we have a couple more adventures to make before 2021.