• Anna

Cabin Hunting and A Snow Stroll

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

Rich and I have recently been on the hunt for a cabin or a getaway house, more so doing research on the areas we like and narrowing down our search (by our search I mean Rich's search. I wait until he finds a property to show me and then I say yay or nay ;) ) then we hit the road!

This past weekend we went to Naches which is just east of the mountains, then up towards Bumping Lake. I've always wanted to show Rich the family cabin and he finally got to see it! It was a nice thing to check off the list, and the trees were BEAUTIFUL, larches were popping bright gold, and the birch trees were a lovely orange.

While it was fun to show Rich the cabin, it was weird for me to see it and realize that it was no longer ours. We saw the shoreline, I said a quick hello and blew a kiss to Rudy dog (this is where my parents chose to sprinkle his ashes) and we carried on our journey. Maybe I will do a full cabin post during Blogmas this year 😊

We originally planned on camping at the Twin Sister Lakes trail head but it was snowing pretty hard and accumulating very quickly at the higher elevation, so rather than be glued to our GPS tramping through fresh snow to get to the lakes we opted to drive our and camp along the river. It was a great spot to have a little miracle fire (Rich can make a fire in just about any weather, I am convinced), sleep cozy in the truck, and wake back up to coffe and fall colors, riverside.

Since we still craved hiking we were able to go home through Chinook pass, which takes you to this amazing lake area and viewpoint of Mount Rainier - so we went for a snow romp here!

Here are some photos of our recent adventure:

Here is a bonus photo of Rich making a fire.

Now go get some fresh air, ragamuffins.