• Anna

Blue Sky, Dang Nabbit!! (Blogmas Day 22)

We had the best intentions of working a full day today and getting some last-minute Christmas items. However, after convincing me "Who works the week of Christmas?!", and deciding that we shouldn't limit ourselves to such mundane activities on such a beautiful day (after a big snowfall, to boot!) we opted to also squeeze in something a bit more fun. Rich waxed the skis, heated and loaded up the truck with our cross country gear, loaded me up with my positive attitude, and off we went to the only open (at least, we hoped it was open) groomed ski park near us for classic cross country skiing.

The cryptic grooming report was last updated at 2am, when it had been dumping snow at the pass and they were just hoping that they would get enough snow to press in some tracks. We patiently awaited updates but hadn't gotten one before we had decided to leave and just go inspect it ourselves. When we got there the snow was so powdery perfect and very few people were there, and tracks had been laid. Lucky day! We got a good solid 5.3 miles in, shaking off the cobwebs on our ski-legs from last season and went home (made it back just after lunch) to accomplish the not-as-exciting things we had originally planned in to our day.

... we think they didn't publish a new snow report because they wanted to keep the fresh pow all to themselves...

Rich got a new phone, so with him being the official photographer I got to model my snow eating skills and ensemble.

Here is a snippet from our tracker app, Strava, so you can see the data from our ski session, and the route we did.

Happiest Blogmas! 3 days until Christmas!!