• Anna

Bench Scavengers

Before anybody gets all sassy with me - we did this a couple of weeks ago, when the park was still open, we were already practicing social distancing, and nothing in our scavenger hunt was against the Governor's mandate. Okay? Moving on now...

The arboretum is filled with wondrous gardens, themed from all over the world, tended to by master gardeners with miles of pathways weaving in and out of the gardens, shelters, under magnolia trees and around rhododendron bushes, all of which are also connected by tiny, lesser-known nature paths that lead to AT LEAST 500 BENCHES. (I made that number up, don't quote me.) Rich and I made our walk a bit more interesting by scouting out some favorite benches of the Arboretum. Here is photo evidence of the hunt:

Isolation makes us do some weird things...

Stay healthy, stay sane, stay happy ragamuffins.