• Anna

Axe Throwing, A College Tour, and Vegan Bacon. (Blogmas)

A mini catch up because I'm WAY busier (and sicker) than I hopped I would be during blogmas, here is what we've been doing over the past couple of days.

I WENT AXE THROWING. Yes, that's a thing here... and I'm sure in several other places in the United States, but it's growing in popularity rapidly here. The hooligans you see me with above are my coworkers and it was so much more fun than it was scary. Here's a video of me throwing axes as proof that I actually did it:

We also went to tour Washington State University with Richie! We woke up at 3AM on Saturday morning and made our way across the state to Pullman. IT WAS THE SCARIEST DRIVE EVER. It was only scary because it was very snowy on the pass when we were heading over and and since the sun doesn't rise until after 7AM the majority of our drive was very dark on a two lane highway in the fog which only allowed us to see about 20 feet in front of us. Anyway... we made it.

He's "pretty much" decided where he's going and after the tour I think he was pretty sold. I take him buying the swag that he's wearing below as a good sign that he has confidently decided.

The campus was amazing with a lot of new buildings since I had been over there about ten years ago, and absolutely gigantic!The day was long and complete with segmented tours and seminars covering housing, greek life, the Environmental Science College (which Richie had chosen to learn more about during his tour) and a very short tour of the campus, given how big it is, and the dorms.

We snuck away in between tours to sit wherever we could find - this one was in the largest library on campus which overlooks the practice football fields (not a shabby place to study!)

We also found these nifty nap pods. I think I'm going to ask for my company to install these in strategic areas around the office ;)

We made our way home today (Sunday) with a much safer drive and are now unwinding on the couch after we filled ourselves with a delish vegan BLTA with tempeh bacon. and butternut squash soup.

I hope you all are having a relaxing weekend and gearing up for our last two weeks before Christmas!