• Anna

Arizona Vibes

Disclaimer: This trip happened awhile ago, and I'm actually going to post very few words, and mostly just photos. 1st part of the trip involved a celebration for my sweet friend Morgan, who has only proven to be more of a badass babe over the last couple of weeks. 2nd part of the trip was my annual visit to see Grannie and Ray! (I get to see them AGAIN in less than two weeks too, so it's a bonus year!)

Obligatory Airplane Shot. Hey, Mt. Adams.

My Morgan friend

I did a lot of this, for lots and lots and lots of miles. (Arizonans looked at me like I was totally loco)

I also did ALOT of this.

Ray took me to the most beautiful blue lake I've probably ever seen and IN ARIZONA! (Did you guys know these existed, because I didn't.)

I ran around in the sand a lot and got my fitness on. Also a lot of leaps, thinking that a scorpion or snake was going to come-n-git me!

I went to the top of telegraph pass which offered a very welcome breeze and brutal leg workout.

I oogled at these cool flowers.

and of course I forgot to get a picture of me and Grannie, so here is one of me standing on a hand... typical...