• Anna

Annual Recap - The First 3 Months (Blogmas Day 2)

It's hard to believe that we started out our year at Whistler... it seems like YEARS ago that we were able to travel so freely. This trip was so much fun, despite Max having the flu the whole time, and lack of snow for Richie to downhill ski on. The room was awesome, the village was lively and crowded (crowds?!?! What are those?!) And the food was delish! (We ate at the Keg that was attached to our hotel at least twice... and I definitely ordered the same thing).

Right after the Whistler trip I hopped on a plane to Oakland to support my friend at her dad's memorial and also snuck in some trail running since I landed the day before the memorial. This area was SO pretty, it was a great change in scenery... this run was complete with free range cows, a wild boar and some turkeys.

We had some dramatic sunrises right out of our front window...I didn't know then that "pink sky in the morning, sailors take warning" could apply to an entire year!

Then I hopped on ANOTHER plane in February for a Marketing convention in Vegas! This was also right after I sprained my ankle trail running, yet still decided to walk the entire strip since I hadn't been there since I was 10 or so. Good idea, Anna... good idea.

Next up I had my bachellorette party! My sweet friend Sarah J found the cutest house off of Mississippi street and my pal Kelsey flew in from Chicago, Morgan and Whitney joined from Seattle and Sarah H got to come up for girls night!

After this I somehow squeezed in a trip to Minneapolis for work, finalized wedding deets, and we toured our venue one last time before the world shutdown!

Oh also, my condo building caught on fire and the firefighters busted my unit's door. (Thank goodness for the greatest, most patient tenant on the planet because she didn't end up getting a door replacement until August.)

We also squeezed in one very last bay party of 5 people before the state was shut down further.

We spent the day that we had to cancel in one of our favorite spots on Alki Beach, turning over rocks and finding crabs, then we spent our actual planned wedding day rollerblading and biking in the sun.

It's still hard to believe that so much travel and so many events were jammed in to the first three months - and I'm so glad they were! Because the next 3 month update will be more or less us wandering around the house trying to figure out what to do with ourselves. 🤣

This year has been weird for nearly everybody in the world (how crazy is that?!) But 2020 is really just a season out of so many.

Happy Blogmas everyone!