• Anna

Annual Recap - April, May and June (Blogmas Day 7)

I feel like every month following March is just another version of March with slightly different weather. Especially these three months where we kind of wandered aimlessly refusing to believe that the world might be at a stand still / face-off for longer than a blip of time.

Rich and I spent a huge amount of time outdoors, he got a new bike and I was still running, pretending like my marathon was going to happen in June. We figured out some new routes right from our front door, and felt like outside was the only place we could stay healthy and breath big huge gulps of air.

I did alot of Yoga. Like... alot alot.

We found ways to entertain ourselves, like counting the benches in the Arboretum, pestering Blaise, and neighborhood walks.

We got stir crazy enough to go on a Spring camping trip to Salmon La Sac for some dispersed camping (not in a campground, since all facilities and parks were closed)

I started adventuring into eating a more plant based diet! For health reasons, sustainability reasons and to be more compassionate towards animals, and my body. I came up with some really tasty food combinations, and was grateful to have time to get comfortable in the kitchen and teach myself some skills.

I took an impromptu trip down to Springfield because Dad decided it was "showtime!" To show off his over the handle bar trick he had worked on a couple of times. It was a very scary call to get, but I'm so thankful that he wears his helmet religiously and only had a slight concussion, and bruised face. We, surpringly, and thankfully ended up having a great visit for nearly four days! (He was a lot jollier than he looks in the photo)

The biggest part about these three months was Richie's graduation! It was a drive through graduation, which obviously is not ideal, but the teachers and staff did the absolute best they could. Richie wasn't thrilled with the display (I wouldn't be either if the end of my senior year had been robbed from me) - but we were still overwhelmingly proud.

Stay tuned for July, August and September!

Happy Blogmas, ragamuffins.