• Anna

An Anniversary, an Airplane, and a Happy Runner

This blog is a little bit more of a summary, or a total catch-up than the last one... let's try and get you up to speed to what's going on today.

We went to Eugene in May for the GOAT couple's wedding anniversary. (Mom and Dad, in case you are reading this and not Hip with the lingo, GOAT stands for Greatest Of All Time) it was too short of a trip, but it always is. To make up for the shortness of the trip we were compensated by this cake, which may have been one of the very best cakes I have ever had. It was a lemoncake with Pomelo mousse layers, delish!

We did a few more runs on the extra flush trails around our house.

I took my first work trip with Ryan Companies! I go to travel to Phoenix and meet my team for the first time since March. These women are so great, and we all instantly clicked. My boss is on the far left, then Lauren ( who now does the marketing for our Colorado office) and Liz on my right. I adore every one of them. Below is from the top of a little hike we did - Cassandra, the world's best writer; Ashley the senior living marketing extradoinaire; Lauren, mentioned above and me... very sweaty and happy.

From the Phoenix office I drove to Yuma to visit Grannie and Ray! Unfortunately, Grannie wasn't feeling well so she was in the hospital for part of my visit, but I got to have a great day with Ray and Grannie got to come home and snuggle in her own chair in her own house (and most importantly, give me lots of hugs)

I eventually had to go home and go back to work. Some time passed, or I just didn't take photos until we had a big lake day!

Rich and I and three of our friends went out paddling about on Lake Sammamish. I think this was just before our extreme heat days... we were still blissfully unaware of the heat wave that would make us pull our portable air conditioners around like little IVs.

We did another organized run. Rich and I didn't have the same pace on this one - I was as slow as molasses for some reason, but happy!

As I go to add more photos I realize I have enough for one more catch up blog! Stay tuned, ragamuffins.