• Anna

A Tiny Getaway

Like everywhere in the world right now, most places that offer fun and adventure are closed right now. Rich, being the sleuthy investigator that he is, found a loop hole in the closures and figured out that while all established camping is closed all popular trailheads, US Forest roads and "dispersed camping" is OPEN. The only downside is that you have to be comfortable with the wilderness being the your bathroom...




SO! We packed up our bags, threw the roof tent on top and the 4Runner, packed up the kids and we left town. Not far... just to the other side of the mountains near a place that my parents used to take us camping at Salmon La Sac. We obviously couldn't stay in the campground, but all along the river that feeds into Lake Cle Elum is a ton of camping spots for overland vehicles (and a few brave ford focuses)

Since we were only there for one full day and two nights we spent the majority of the day "beach combing", riding our mountain bikes, and exploring small tributaries where ginormous beavers made their dens. The boys spent a huge amount of time building rock chairs on the river side. They ended up being hard-to-get-out-of comfortable, not because they were rocks, But because they were surprisingly, delightfully cozy. Max completed the landscape with not just one, but two foot spa pools.

I also had Rich take some yoga photos for a challenge I was doing about gratitude on Instagram.

It was a much needed many breaths of fresh air!

I hope you all are staying healthy and occupied during a time where boredom (but hopefully creativity) run rampant.