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A Run in the Woods (Blogmas day 14)

This is another short one, but believe you, me - I've got some things cookin' that are going to be GOOD!

(Rich will be adding running commentary in parenthesis for fun)

Today we went on a mossy, muddy, perfect- temperature run through the woods. I've been doing a hundred miles to Christmas challenge with Sarah, seestar in law and my friend Tawni! Mom says she's doing it too... go momma go.

Sarah has under 12 left. I'm just behind her and we are cruising! Just 10 days left to Christmas to hit that 100 mile mark since Halloween!

(I have been joining Anna on a few of these. Sometimes they are just walks in the neighborhood, mostly so we can critique landscape & paint color choices. When Anna really has some choice words to say about these unsuspecting homeowners shrubs, deck or driveway I will usually just ask her if she "would like to leave them a post-it-note" for them to read when they get home? Now after dozens of these walks she doesn't have to say a thing, and I can tell she disapproves of that certain mailbox choice, so we just look at each other and say "where's our post-it-notes?")

On this run we stopped in two places that were pretty enough for photos and then got on our merry way!

We call this a "glunnel" a glowing tunnel... and I think they are just so magical, Bob-Rossy-like.

(I never really noticed these before, but now I will spot them out for her, and maybe snap a photo. Usually it just looks like more bushes in bushy forest, but this one actually turned out ok)

Happy Blogmas!

(What I'm actually doing here is realizing how tired my face looked being Monday and all, and was trying to stretch the sleep wrinkles off my face, but I just kept on snapping photos anyway. These are apparently the the winning selections of said photos)