• Anna

A Run, A Hike, an Airplane, and an A-Frame

Guess what?! We went on another run!

Whenever we don't know what to do with our days we default to putting a local run together, mapping out new trails. This particular run was about 9 miles and went up to a very popular, local hike destination and then we connected some other trails to get down, traversing and bushwhacking our way back to the car.

The next weekend we went up to our friends house on the river, had about a gallon of wine too much, the equivalent amount of sunshine (small exaggeration to both) , and then we decided to hike the next morning to Lake Serene... this is a 7 mile round trip hike that is super duper popular, but one we had never done so we got to check it off the list. If was absolutely beautiful, but definitely not serene.

The very next weekend (just this last weekend) I hopped on a plane to San Diego for a work trip! It was my first time meeting this team, and I had a blast bumming around La Jolla. I ended up walking 12 miles on Sunday just exploring around.

And finally, just yesterday we toured this cutie little cabin. We are making an offer on it as we speak.

Keep your fingers crossed, ragamuffins 😊