• Anna

A Food Tour- Blogmas Day 8

As I was going through the pictures on my phone I realized just how cozy I got in the kitchen during shutdown down. With the help of a documentary called "Game Changer" about athletes that changed their diet to plant based for optimal health, and restaurants being shut down and ALL meals being eaten at home I became quite a little chef, if I do say so myself!

I stopped subscribing to meal plan deliveries (sunbasket, hello fresh, green chef, blue apron - you name it, I've tried it!). While these are all totally awesome ways to get comfortable with cooking, and save you time and money in the grocery store, I figured that while I was spending so much time at home, I didn't really have any excuses anymore to skimp out on my grocery runs or my cooking time frame. At the point where I was subscribed to these meal delivery options Rich and I were both working 7 or 8 am to 5 or sometimes 7 depending on workload. By the time it came to planning meals and then going grocery shopping we were both wiped, brains full and only craving wine and candy.

Also, while those meal planning options were great, they range from $60 per week to $120 per week, and that is for two servings! With all four mouths home all the time, and two of them being teenage boys we had to figure out a better option. On top of these meal subscriptions I also subscribed to delivery of pre-made healthy meals that I could eat at work for breakfast and lunch! ($12.99/ meal) and on top of all that I thrived off of Starbucks egg bites.

I'll give you a little food tour of my creations.

A tofu taco meat salad! Honestly this was on par - if not better than taco meat!

The above is teriyaki "Chicken"... it's called "mindful chick'n" and is a pea protein based soy meat and nearly, neaaaaarrrrly the same texture.

This one was SO good for summer time, a cold rice pasta Vietnamese dish with soft packed eggs, edamame beans and tofu.

Here is a delish break from the bowls of plants. These are protein balls! Cashew butter, plant based protein powder, and some sprinkles for beautification.




Fast forward to 40 minutes later of me trying to upload more photos to the blog and WIX (the website platform) has just been spinning it's wheels. I suppose the rest will have to wait!

Also, I'm super hungry now after looking at all of these photos.

Bon Appétit, ragamuffins!