• Anna

A Few of my Favorite Things (Blogmas Day 16)

The other day my brother posted something on his instagram story about hoping to never aquire another coffee mug ever ever again, and it has had me thinking about our coffee mugs that we keep and also why we hold on to specific mugs! I admit, it is one of the easiest gifts to give, and it is one of the easiest things to accidentally stockpile. Guilty over here!

I used to love, love, love having a cupboard full of mismatched mugs at the cabin and I thought one day I would like to have that in my house.

As I started to aquire more mugs I found that I didn't actually like many of them, and just held on to them because they were pretty, or because they were a gift and I felt guilty getting rid of them. Reaching around certain mugs to grab a different mug, one I really really liked became part of my morning coffee routine.. Eventually, overtime as we simplified our "schtuff" we narrowed it down to a few of the mugs we love, that are nice to hold, and make us happy.

Coffee mugs play such a big part of our day! (If you are a coffee drinker, that is). They are often the first thing we blink our eyes open to, scrambling around for them in a half-lit kitchen. They are a present filled with goodies from a friend. They are the genie lamp we rub at 3pm making our last wish of the day for an extra ounce of energy. They provide caviat for deep conversations with pals, or a totem during professional conversations with managers. Ultimately, the coffee mugs you hold every day should bring joy.

Here are the 4 mugs we have that truly make us happy.

(Side note: we have about 4 matching ones also for when we need extra... we're minimal, but not that minimal.)

This is one that I use year round because it's a perfect shape...I didn't realize was a Christmas mug until Rich told me one summer morning.

This is Rich's Frank Loyd Wright mug. (Famous architect) and it matches one of his favorite art pieces we have on our wall. It's the last surviving mug of the four he had, and I really wanted to toss it one day, before he showed me what it was, and told me his mom's best friend gifted them before she passed. Will be hard to swallow when it's gone. (Coffee mug Pun)

This is my new pride and joy hedgehog mug that I got for my birthday... probably a Christmas mug, but he too will have a place in the cupboard year-round. He makes people smile on my online meetings and holds an extra amount of liquid.

And finally, my two fave mugs that are on their last leg. It will be a sad day when I have to part with these due to chipping. I painted these for me and Rich years ago. They lived at our separate homes for a long time. Now they are snuggly back together in one cupboard, sunrise and sunset.

Happy Blogmas and happy coffee sippin' I hope whatever mug you hold today brings you happiness.